Does anyone remember the milk machine?

I SEEM to remember in the mid 1950s a boyfriend buying an ice cold carton of milk from a machine in the arcade of the Central Stores one evening.

Does anyone else remember this machine?

I also remember, about the same time, going with his sister to see her friend, Noreen, who worked in a little kiosk in the triangle formed by the Grand Hotel, Wesley Church and the Town Hall.

We were all still at school so it would have been a holiday job.

I can’t remember whether it sold just cigarettes or sweets as well.

I believe when it closed for the night it was simply padlocked and shuttered. It wouldn’t have stood a chance these days!

There was another kiosk, more substantially built, on the way into the steelworks where the labs were.

This was run by a lovely lady called Nellie, but I don’t know who owned it.

Enid Allen,

Owton Close,


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