Don’t like having photos taken

Happy faces in the changing rooms.
Happy faces in the changing rooms.

I HAVE just received a copy of the Hartlepool Mail and found it to be great reading.

I was in at least one of the pictures, Girls in locker room (Memory Lane, November 10), the blonde second top left, and possibly another.

I wasn’t sure as the photos are a bit fuzzy.

I know quite a few of the people shown as I was at the factory for 10 years.

I was also featured in the Mail on the front page as Miss Buxted – I think 1980/82.

I was not photogenic, so I was not happy having photos taken.

I know most of the footballers also and I have been married to a fellow worker for 36 years now, known as Pincho.

I played a football charity game one year but not on the one you had in the Mail.

We were all so drunk we lost the match, obviously.

I was Blonde Bombshell.

It was really good to get this sent to me by my sister-in-law.

We have lived in Spain now for 10 years and before that in Devon for nine years so we have not kept in touch.

Marina Pinchen (nee Howard)

and Michael Pinchen,

Pueblo Alcasar,