Elwick Road not the same as Newburn

IN reply to Winnie Parker (nee Kelsey) regarding Newburn School (Memory Lane, October 20), I well remember it.

Our house was in the same back street as the school, Pilgrim Street.

I recall vividly Empire Day, May 24.

We were all dressed in our Sunday best for the Empire celebrations in the school yard.

They were presided over by Ernest Bloom. I think he was an alderman.

He owned a pawn shop in Lynn Street.

We marched around the schoolyard to a patriotic song, which I remember to this day.

It went as follows:

We will sing a song as we march along,

For we’re loyal, brave, and true.

With our heads held high, we’ll go marching by,

Saluting the red, white and blue.

‘Tis the flat of the free, it’s for you and for me,

And we’ll love and honour it too.

Our country we will ever serve,

And we’ll stand by the grand old flag.

I really loved that school.

My best friends were Lilian Royal, Kathleen Hendry and a lad called Leslie Rose, who I always sat next to in the same desk.

We were both terrible gigglers.

Miss Cruickshanks used to have her eagle eye on us and we were reprimanded for it.

We must have absorbed enough knowledge as we managed, five of us, to pass the 11-plus scholarship.

I never liked Elwick Road School the same way I liked Newburn.

And Winnie, if you read this, Mr Grainger was my favourite teacher too.

His sister taught me French at Elwick Road School.

I knew both girls in the picture, Olga Storm and Velda Wray.

Such nostalgia!

Madge Stabler (nee Holland),

Hazel Grove,