Flying the flag for the Union Jacks

The Union Jacks in 1992.
The Union Jacks in 1992.

We definitely struck a chord with readers when we headed back 25 years with the Hartlepool Union Jacks jazz band.

An old photograph from 1992 showed members of the Union Jacks smartly dressed in their uniforms and with an array of trophies they had won placed in front of them.

The Union Jacks in 1996.

The Union Jacks in 1996.

And when we asked for memories of the band, plenty of you got involved. In fact, nearly 9,000 of you showed an interest on social media.

Thanks to Gemma Rhead who was a band member and said; “Great memories.”

She added: “I was Gemma Hall in my band days, loved it x.”

Veronica Collins described it as a “fab pic” and added: “I can name a few. My mam ran this band.”

Brings back good memories, enjoyed being in the band. Was in from the start

Dawn Brackstone

She put names to some of the faces and identified Robert RD Collins, Kim Topping, Vanessa Flounders, Dawn Rogers, Dawn Brackstone, Donna McLeod, Lisa Hanley, Vicky Morgan, Jayne Mincher, Kelly Mincher, Joanne Herring, Elisha Taylor Groom.

She also pointed out Samantha Huntley, Karen Jones, Claire Armstrong, Gemma Rhead, and added: “Know the other faces, memory lapse on names.”

Veronica added: “I now run Hartlepool Ambassadors jazzband and still have some off these members today.”

Marie Thomson West and Zoe Rogers pointed out that they were also involved with the Union Jacks.

And Dawn Rogers admitted: “Fab memories loved every minute x.”

Lisa Hanley described the photo as “Aww canny”, while Lynn Wallis joined just after the group photograph was taken.

Dawn Brackstone commented: “Brings back good memories, enjoyed being in the band.

“Was in from the start.” She described it as “one big family.”

And Kim Topping said: “I was in for 14 year i think lol xxxx.”

Claire Armstrong said: “Eeh good memories x” and Natasha Andrews said: “Aww I remember this xx”

Vicky Morgan commented: “Aw how cute are we all, bless us all xx.”

She added: “Aw the memories. I absolutely loved our jazzband days.”

Donna McLeod added: “Loved it as well.”

She said she loved the trips away.

Thanks to everyone who responded to the social media post and to those who liked it online, including Karen South, Joan Miller Whitehead, Katy Dolman, Lisa Foreman, Victoria Gretton, Victoria Christie and Nicola Jayne Pollard.

We would love more of your jazz band memories.