Get your flaky pastry here! Bargains in 1970s Hartlepool

Binns in Hartlepool.
Binns in Hartlepool.

Shopping trends change down the years and so do the shops that supply them.

We’re going back to Hartlepool in 1974 and asking ‘who remembers these outlets which provided everything from fashion to flaky pastry’.

The Dovecot store in Hartlepool.

The Dovecot store in Hartlepool.

Let’s start at VG “the convenient store” where pastry mix was a bargain 13 and a half pence, and garden mint was 6 and a half pence. Lard was a steal at 7 and a half pence while Danish butter was 10 pence for half a pound.

Who remembers it and what were your favourite buys?

Over at Lowe’s in Hartlepool town centre, yellow plums were 12 pence a pound or how about a pound of new potatoes for an excellent three pence.

For a bigger buy, a new colour television from Civic store in the Middleton Grange Shopping Centre was only £209.95 for a 16-inch set - or you could pay £1, 41 and a half pence on a credit deal.

We’re going back to Hartlepool in 1974 and asking ‘who remembers these outlets which provided everything from fashion to flaky pastry’

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There were plenty of options for furniture, not least at Howards in York Road. It dubbed itself as “Hartlepool’s finest credit store” and sold three piece suites and dining room items as well as lots more besides. In 1974, it was offering dinner and tea sets as well as “lots of nylon tights” to new customers.

A three-seater suite was £49.95 with reversible cushions at the Dovecot in Church Street. Or, in its bargain basement section, you could grab a sun lounger bed for £3.99 and upholstered kitchen chairs for £1.45.

A Scandinavian dining set was £88 at HPB in Northgate.

Flooring? Granthams in Middleton Grange had it from £2.85.

And for the bedroom, that modern 1974 look was available with suites at Hardy’s, also in the shopping centre.

That’s the food and the fittings sorted. What about some gifts?

Pounders on the upper floor of Middleton Grange, had beautiful alabaster chess sets, and jars for pickled onions, apple sauce, bread sauce and celery.

And lastly, with all those new goodies, you’d need to look smart yourself.

So how about jackets from Mendoza’s in Church Street from £27.50 or a £6.50 showerproof coat from Morelands, another shop at Middleton Grange.

Day dresses, long dresses were available at Claudine in Park Road and for the men, shirts were 95 pence in the Binns sale. A lightweight mens suit was a mere £19.50.

To pay for it all, perhaps you fancied a job in the town. Trotters butchers were after a butcher shopman and Aladdin Industries in Brenda Road needed process operators.

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