Great nights in the Cellar Bar

The Cellar Bar in Whitby Street.
The Cellar Bar in Whitby Street.

A popular Hartlepool bar hit just the spot when we asked readers for their memories.

The Cellar Bar brought back many fond memories when we posted a photogrpah on social media which reached almost 20,000 people.

I met our lad in here we been together 27yrs now wow some memorys this brings back xx.

Diane Liddle

Some of you had very special reasons to remember it, including Diane Liddle who said: “I met our lad in here we been together 27yrs now wow some memories this brings back xx.”

Julie Bartlett said: “Loved this place :)” while Paula Anderson recalled it “Was a good place x”

Jeanette McKay Forsyth said she “Loved it in the cellar bar” while Chris Leslie commented: “Brilliant had some great nights in the cellar bar.”

Phil Dixon remembered DJ-ing in there while both Tracey Henderson and Joanne Potts said: “Loved it :)”

Comments just kept pouring in, from the likes of Mazza Walton who said: “Good night out it was” and Diane Mcdonald who added: “We loved this place.”

Karen Robinson remembered going there with a friend while Valerie Williams said: “Omg” as it brought back fond memories for her.

Wendy Allen Was ‘Smith’ said: “Loved this place” and Tracy Johnson agreed, saying: Loved this place but the floor tiles were lethal.”

Among the others to comment were;

Deborah Jane Whitehouse Boagey: “I remeber that pub xx”

Stuart Donley: “Was great bar good memories”

Andy Stevenson: “Might have popped in once or twice ”

Sylvia Anderson: “I remember it .....................”

Nic Rogerson: “Loved the place even remember the bouncers”

Andrew Reay said he “Played a few gigs there” and added: “a blast from the past.”

Liz Dalton: “Loved this place. Happy memories x”

Brenda Pinkney said: “It was always packed” while David Noble added: “I worked on it, Joiner.”

Andrew Henderson: “Never seen it in light before, or empty.”

Leigh Wallace said: “That slippy floor!”

Thank you to everyone who submitted memories of the Cellar Bar.

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