Great pride in their sweet display

A FRIEND, Hilary Milburn, sent me the article regarding the two sweet shops next to the Forum cinema (Memory Lane, January 7).

The address of Thompson’s, which was my parents’ shop – Eddie and Vida Thompson, was 40 Hart Road.

I think they took it over from his father before the war.

They also had a second shop further down in the original town.

My mother used to take great pride in displaying the sweets in the left-hand window, using glass plates, jars and bottles. There was always a central focus.

My dad polished the fruit to display in trays and baskets in the right-hand window.

The fruit had to all be the same size and laid straight, with paper wrappings folded neatly around the apples and pears.

We, my parents, brother and I, lived behind and above the shop until the mid 1950s.

My father was a police special during the war which must have been convenient with the police station just across the road.

The house had an air raid shelter, which was just as well as we were told of bombs falling just behind the row of terraced houses on what I only ever remember as a car park.

Beyond that was the dog track.

Cook’s, the hairdressers, were great friends of our family.

They had a television and I remember going every Friday (I think) to watch a programme which followed a frightening (to me) serial which had The Little Red Monkey music as its theme tune.

I was scared stiff of that music and would wait in another room until it finished before going in to watch the next programme.

Mum was also a nurse up at Cameron Hospital.

Kate Champness,

The Street,


Bishop’s Stortford.