Happy Halloween - 13 ghosts who haunt Hartlepool

The Station Hotel at Seaton Carew.
The Station Hotel at Seaton Carew.

Haunted Hartlepool - 13 ghostly local spirits

1: A Grey Lady is said to patrol the Headland graveyard, the cellars of The Cosmopolitan pub and once made the corridors of St Hilda’s Hospital her own. It is thought she may be St Hilda herself and, occasionally, she was apparently spotted at the Borough Buildings in Middlegate too.

The Royal Hotel.

The Royal Hotel.

2: Croft Tower: A plumber in the 1980s reported hearing a bell ring and curtains moving - when no-one else was around.

3: Cameron Hospital: Supposedly haunted by a nurse named Maud, who died from complications which set in after she was struck on the nose by a patient. A sense of unease was associated with her presence, and it was said to foreshadow a calamity.

4: Lion Brewery: Legend has it that a worker was accidentally locked inside a refrigerated loft over a weekend and froze to death. His spirit has been blamed for moving furniture. The ghost of Jane Waldon, of the founding brewery-owning dynasty, is said to still walk the corridors too - despite dying in 1860.

5: Grand Hotel: A mischievous spirit was reported to push men who were “spending a penny” in the Coble Bar toilets - and doors would often bang shut loudly for no reason.

The Stranton - now the Brewery Tap.

The Stranton - now the Brewery Tap.

6: Marine Hotel: A female wraith in period dress has been reported in the upstairs passageway, while drink pipes have been mysteriously disconnected in the cellar.

7: West Hartlepool Airport: The ghost of a Polish airman, in full flying combat kit, was said to have been a frequent visitor to the site up until the 1980s.

8: The McOrville pub, Elwick: Alleged to be haunted by a five-year-old boy called Gus, who died around 70 years ago - possibly killed by a horse.

9: A supernatural “purple upside down floating jellyfish” was caught on camera by ghost hunters at The Causeway pub, Stranton. The figure of a priest has also been spotted.

10: Heugh Battery: Apparently patrolled by a phantom soldier.

11: Jackson’s Arms, Tower Street: Home to a ghostly Diana Dors look-a-like, with bleached blond hair. Mysteriously spilling drinks have also been reported.

12: The Royal: A seafaring captain was said to hant a former junk room in the 1980s.

13: A bawdry lady named Annie has made unearthly indecent proposals at the Royal Naval Association, while an Andy Capp-style spectre has been spotted at the Victoria Arms.

Other pubs said to be haunted include the now demolished Station Hotel, at Seaton, where two little children named William and Elizabeth roamed the corridors seeking playmates.

There are claims a car mechanic haunts the cellar of Yates’s Wine Bar in Victoria Road too, while a ghost sporting a flat cap - a former landlord of the Headland’s Harbour of Refuge called Albert - has been spotted several times at the pub, along with his good lady wife.

*** Details taken from Haunted Hartlepool and East Durham, by Paul Screeton. The book is available via Amazon at £9.99.