Helping Ann with her ancestry

THE wedding of Maggie (nee Jones) and John William Cowton, possibly taken in 1913
THE wedding of Maggie (nee Jones) and John William Cowton, possibly taken in 1913

FAMILY tree research is a passion of Ann Whitehead.

But she’s hoping Hartlepool Mail readers can help her with her bid to find out more about the maternal side of her family.

Ann, from Blackhall, is hoping to make contact with the Rutter/Jones lineage. They’re the names linked to her grandmother Maggie Jones, born in 1893 and who later went by her married name of Maggie Cowton.

Ann already has some knowledge of her ancestry on her mother’s side.

She knows that Maggie’s twin brother George was born in 1893 and believes he married a woman called Annie Raw in 1914.

Second brother Ernest Rutter was born in about 1885 and Maggie believes he married Sarah Ellen Sanderson in 1913.

And a third brother, called Jack or John Rutter, was born in 1886 and married an Emma Lowther in 1911.

Ann added: “On the 1911 Census, brothers Ernest and John (Jack) were found living on Hart Moor Farm with their mother Esther Jones (nee Rutter) and stepfather Thomas Walburn. The family came from North Yorkshire.

This photograph shows Ann’s grandparents Maggie and John William Cowton, believed to have been taken at Hart Moor Farm in 1913 on the occasion of their wedding.

The bride and groom are pictured in the centre with George Jones to the right of Maggie. The mother of the bride is thought to be the woman at the front with the larger hat, sitting between the bride and groom.

They couple were married at Hart Village church.

Can any Mail readers help Ann with her quest to find out more.

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