Inspiring craftsmen around the world

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LISANNE Robson saw our article about her parents John and Elsie Butcher (Midweek Memory Lane, April 3).

John had responded to redundancy by turning a hobby of making metal scultures into a businees and Lisanne recalled: “Dad carried on making his sculptures and we spent our weekends going to craft shows up and down the country where they were sold.

“I had a brilliant childhood and met a lot of wonderful interesting people because of this.”

In the 1978 article John and Elsie had spoken of their plans to leave the workshop in Lancaster Road, Hartlepool, and open a craft shop in a rural area.

Elsie told the Mail: “We’d like to open in the Lake District.”

Lisanne said they never got to the Lakes but sold their house in Hartlepool around 1986/7 and bought a cottage with a 3/4 acre garden in Boston, Lincolnshire.

She recalled: “It needed a lot of work doing to it as it hadn’t been lived in for along time.

“Dad had to build a new workshop, as he needed to provide an income, so he carried on with his metal sculpture.”

John and Elsie lived in Lincolnshire until 1992/3 and John was still making his living by selling his crafts.

Lisanne said: “Unfortunately my dad passed away nine years ago but I’m very happy to say my Mum is very much alive.

“She is 80-years-old and is living in a residential home.and misses my dad very much, as we all do.

“He was a very loving man and was much loved by everyone.”

John’s gift was passed on in the family and around the world, Lisanne revealed: “My brother-in-law Wilhelm makes sculptures in Austria and my brother Paul makes them in Tenerife.

She said: “I know my Dad really enjoyed making his sculptures.

“He was so proud of what he had created as there wasn’t anyone else making anything like it.”

Thanks you for the memories Lisanne.