Is this your missing web link?

Rennison Vayro
Rennison Vayro

RESEARCH regular Rennison Vayro has provided Family Roots readers with plenty of tips down the months.

This week, he tells us of the list he’s put together to aid people in their own research.

Anyone who can use a computer and the World Wide Web and Internet can now research their Family Ancestry using a range of Genealogical Websites without leaving the comfort of their own home.

But where do we find those websites that would be most useful to members? Well there is an answer.

Locally, we have the Cleveland Family History Society (CFHS) that has a website on with advice and information for Family Ancestry researchers.

Within the CFHS there are several subsidiary groups based at Sedgefield, Northallerton, and the Hartlepool Family History Society is a third one of these.

Their secretary Mrs F M Wilson can be contacted on (01429) 282012.

A fourth of these subsidiaries, or cluster groups is the Upper Dales Family History Group (UDFHG) that concentrates mainly on Wensleydale and Swaledale and they now have a useful research facility called “Rennison’s List”.

If you are interested the Weblink for this useful resource can be found at where there is a comprehensive list containing some 1700 URLs Weblinks to Internet Sites that will be useful for our amateur family historians and the professional genealogists alike.

Initially a small collection of websites was assembled that were considered worthy of a visit by both newcomers and experienced researchers.

Some were transferred from the backs of envelopes and scraps of paper that we all tend to lose so easily. Others were recommended by fellow members of the UDFHG, sites that were new, interesting or where specific types of databases had recently become available.

Since 2007 when Rennison’s List was first developed it has grown steadily, and has recently been re-organized with far greater coverage than was originally envisaged. Without the help of researchers from Hartlepool, Cleveland and the Upper Dales who knew of these sites Rennison’s List would never have been launched.

In effect it is a collaborative and collective venture, for the benefit of all.

This resource includes numerous URL weblinks for the Northern Counties of Durham, Cleveland, Cumberland, Northumberland and the Yorkshire Dales in particular, i.e. specific local archives and record offices where the original Parish Records are held.

Watch out for more on Rennison’s List next week.