It’s my father

A scene for an engineering workshop in the 1950s.
A scene for an engineering workshop in the 1950s.

I AM writing in response to the picture (Memory Lane, March 19).

The man at work in the picture is our father, Frederick Walter Ward.

The picture was taken by the then Northern Daily Mail and it was some time in the 1950s.

My father worked at Head Wrightson Drop Forgings on Brenda Road.

The photograph shows him operating a steel saw cutting a billet of steel, which went into the furnaces.

From there it went under the big drop hammers which forged and shaped the hot steel.

As a young boy my father took me on a visit around the factory.

The sound of numerous drop forge hammers working away was thunderous to my ears.

I have a copy of the original photo.

My father was born in Chudleigh near Exeter.

He met my mother while in the Army when stationed up here with his regiment, the Royal Artillery.

After seeing service in Burma my father came to live in West Hartlepool and married my mother in 1946, working at Yuill’s before going to Head Wrightson.

I hope this gives a little background to the Man at work.

It really was a lovely surprise to see the picture in print. I did not think anyone else had the photo in question.

B Ward,

Ensign Court,


REGARDING the Man at work picture (Memory Lane, March 19), it is of my dad, Frederick Walter Ward.

He is working at Head Wrightson’s in Brenda Road.

It must have been taken in the early 1950s. I was only about three to four years of age.

Sadly he passed away in 1973 aged 53.

Muriel Wilson (nee Ward),

Hamilton Road,