It’s sweet 16 for Una, Margaret and girls

The reunion of the girls of Easington Secondary Modern School
The reunion of the girls of Easington Secondary Modern School

ALL the girls were back together during an annual school reunion.

The gathering of former pupils of Easington Secondary Modern School, which was in Whickham Street, Easington Colliery, until being demolished around 17 years ago, has been taking place for 16 years.

Former pupils Una Burns (nee Thompson) and Margaret Houghton (nee Williams), who left in 1954, organised the event, which took place at Easington HMS Victory Club, in School Street.

Some 31 women attended the get-together, as the school was an all-girls school up until recent times.

Una, 76, who now lives in Chester-le-Street, said: “When we first starting having the reunion it was only for our year group, but now it is for anyone who went to that school.”

The headteacher during Una’s school years was Miss Best and she also remembers Mrs Goldsborough.

Una said people used to turn up to the event from as far as Birmingam and the Lake District, but lately it has mainly been women based in the local vicinity that attend.

The reunion is held on the first Tuesday in July every year and the women each make something and take it along for the buffet, and the hall is provided for free.

“It’s something we look forward to,” said former shop and factory worker Una, who is married to retired sailor Billy and has three children, four grandchildren and a great-grandchild.

“Every year Margaret and I say ‘this is the finish’ but every year people say ‘see you next year’.

“A highlight is just meeting people we went to school with that live away and reminiscing.”