It served West View for decades - but who remembers this former Hartlepool pub?

The Brus Arms.
The Brus Arms.

David Smyth turned the clock back for special celebrations in 1988 - and he was the one to shout loudest about them.

The landlord of the Brus Arms in Hartlepool got dressed up in nostalgic gear to celebrate the 50th birthday of the pub that year.

Brus Arms landlord David Smyth in 1988.

Brus Arms landlord David Smyth in 1988.

He even went further and knocked 20 pence off the price of a pint and our story at the time said: “Needless to say it proved very popular with the locals.”

The Brus Arms was built in 1938.

It was Nimmo’s Brewery from Castle Eden which was behind its construction and it was built because the West View area was expanding rapidly at the time.

But it was eventually demolished and stood empty for a year before councillors met to discuss a future for the site where it once stood.

They gave the green light at a Hartlepool Borough Council planning committee for 25 two bedroom apartments to be built.

We last carried a story on readers’ memories of the popular pub at the start of the year and more than 18,000 of you showed an interest.

You had plenty to say and some of you thought it was the best pub that Hartlepool had.

Some asked why there was a need to demolish it and one person argued that it could have been retained and turned into a lovely hotel or bed and breakfast for homeless veterans.

Other comments which came out at the time included;

“Best pub in town all genuine people”.

“Should never of knocked this down.”

“A good nite in brus.”

“Some mint nights in the Brus”.

“It was a lovely building.”

“Lovely pint of Whitbread gold lager in that boozer.”

But what do you think of the Brus Arms and what are your best memories of it as we approach the 80th anniversary of its construction?

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