Loved working at Bianco’s

IT was with great interest that I saw the Then and Now photographs (Mail, November 19) of Bianco’s in Whitby Street.

However I was disappointed that the photograph was a recent one and did not show the original distinguished windows and doors of Bianco’s.

I worked there as a Saturday girl in the late 1960s while a student at Eldon Grove High School.

I loved working for Mr and Mrs Bianco, with their two young children.

My day usually started helping Mr Bianco prepare the freshly made sandwiches.

Then serving frothy milk coffees, hot and cold snacks, ice-cream cones, and my own favourite ice-cream and lemonade, preferably with ice-cream soda or dandelion and burdock.

Later in the morning I would often go for messages for Mrs Bianco, to the butcher’s in Church Street and fruit and vegetables from the Market Hall in Lynn Street.

Lunchtime would often be at the Fish Restaurant in Surtees Street or the Cosy Cafe in Whitby Street.

The highlight of the day, however, would be the afternoon time when groups of teenage boys and girls would come into the cafe on their tour of Curry’s coffee shop in Lynn Street, Piccadilly Bar at the bottom of Musgrave Street and Bianco’s.

In between these coffee bars would be a visit to record booths listening to the latest 45s in the upstairs of Bruce Moore’s in Lynn Street, which I think was above a camera shop.

Mrs E Skinner,

Avondale Gardens,