of the old Esk House

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I WAS interested to see the picture of The Railway & Docks Association Club (Memory Lane - August 26).

I was born in 1937 and my aunt and uncle, Mr and Mrs Jim Wilson, used to live in this house, which was called Esk House.

It was directly behind the Grand Hotel.

My parents used to take me to visit my aunt and uncle.

By the time I was four, in 1941, they had moved to live in South Kilvington, Thirsk.

My uncle died that year. That’s how I know the dates.

Between the back of Esk House and the Town Hall was Middleton Grange Lane.

At the bottom there was a small sweet and tobacconist’s shop run by Miss Whitwell.

I hope this will be of some interest.

Edith Hurst,

Fernwood Avenue,