Memories of where couple met

I REMEMBER very well the shop at the end of Conyers Street (Memory Lane, November 17).

It was first owned by Mr and Mrs Kay.

Mrs Kay was also the local midwife, and she had three children - Jessie, Alwyn and Irvine.

Mr Kay was an invalid.

When they left and retired Arthur Brown and his wife moved in with an only child, a boy called Gary.

If you look closely at the picture, at one side was another shop, run by Mr and Mrs M Connelly.

It was at the end of Bertha Street and Whitby Street.

I worked for the Kays when I was about 16.

I cannot ever remember selling alcohol.

My husband, Dave, lived in Conyers Street.

In fact that was where we met and eventually married in 1950, over 62 years ago.

I never thought I would see it again. It brought back happy memories.

Mrs W K Parker,

Lime Crescent,