Memories of youth trip to Scotland

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KEEN family tree researcher David Payne has shared this photograph with us, thinking fellow genealogists may be just as interested as he was.

A group holiday organised by The Methodist Church shows children from Hartlepool and Blackhall at a youth hostel in Gorebridge, near Edinburgh, in 1960.

David said: “Many young people from all over the UK attended this holiday, which was organised by Rev Harold Price.

“I know the names of quite a lot of the people in the photo, but not all. I am in the middle row, the second boy from the left. To my right is Dennis West and on my left is Peter Harle.”

David hopes this may help trigger memories for other researchers and perhaps others can fill in some names.

Hartlepool man David is already a keen family tree researcher who has traced a branch of his family called the Leemings back to the 1700’s.

He knows that his ancestors held down jobs including fishermen, a victualler at a town pub called The Half Moon Inn, a painter and decorator and a full-time carpenter.

His own immediate family includes his son Mark who is a reporter with the Hartlepool Mail. One branch of his family is the Measors from Hartlepool and David is hoping Mail readers can help him in his quest to find more photographs of his ancestors.

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