Memory Lane A full and active life

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I AM married to one of Hilda Harrison’s daughters, Ann, who wrote to you back in December.

She showed me the letters of hers in the paper which I read with pride.

Also in the Mail on December 4 was a letter from a lady called Rosa Anderson from Gulliver Road, Hartlepool.

She said that she played with Tom and Hilda Harrison.

In her letter she say’s that she thinks Tom died at a young age, but I know that my wife’s Uncle Tom lived a full and active life and he passed away only a few years before his sister Hilda.

As Hilda was 78 when she sadly passed away, that would make Tom about 75 or 76 when he died.

I’m sure Rosa will be glad to know Uncle Tommy grew up and had a family of his own.

John Hudson,

Bodmin Grove,