Memory Lane Eggs by the bucket on farm

IN reply to Susanne Wilkinson’s letter (Memory Lane, December 11), on the subject of Mayfields 80 years ago, the owner, Tommy Birks, was the first employer.

I was a friend of Norman Birks, the oldest son, and in 1931 I was often on the farm collecting fresh eggs by the bucket.

His dad had the milk round seven days each week, drawn by a horse and float, chickens, pigs and goats. A happy family business.

Sue, named Florrie, Mrs Birks, Norman, Raymond and Arnold.

Florrie had a sister who lived in Gilling, also another who had a shop in Sussex Street.

Her married name was Dewey. Alf, her husband, was a seafaring man. I believe he worked on Hitler’s yacht when it was docked in Hartlepool.

Granda Hill and Tommy Birks built Mayfields.

Much of the house I’m told was salvaged from Gray’s mansion.

The last time I saw Norman he was driving his cattle truck with Raymond or Arnold.

I remember Alma. She would cycle to Mayfields on Sundays.

Norman bought an old taxi. It was made by Clyno.

I can recall much of those past years.

Alf Dowey lived out our back door in Stockton Road, number 191.

How nice to remember the past.

How good it was compared with the present.

George William Bainbridge,

Lindisfarne Close,