Memory Lane - Garage now a wine bar

IN response to the question asked by Kevin Marwood regarding the existence of a garage in Victoria Road (Memory Lane, May 21), the answer is definitely yes.

He is correct. It was a Rootes Group dealer.

However I purchased a second-hand Mini from there in 1970.

The garage occupied the site that is now Yates wine bar.

Even to this day evidence of its presence exists in the form of the pavement ramps providing vehicular access to both doors of the show room across the pavement.

For some strange reason they have been recently modified with red block paving despite not serving any purpose.

My uncle, Fred Tunstall, who was well respected in the motor trade became the foreman fitter there after giving up his own business.

Additionally Mr Johnson himself lived in Cobden Street in the 1950s and drove a well polished black Sunbeam Talbot complete with a straight through exhaust.

Living in the same street I can clearly remember him returning home about 10.15pm from wherever most nights and double de-clutching down the gearbox, making a noise that would have Jeremy Clarkson drooling!

I hope this assists with the debate.

Alan Hodgson,

Redwood Close,