Memory Lane - Happy memories of working at Ewart Parsons garage

Ewart Parsons workers Libby Bloom(left) and Marlene Spence.
Ewart Parsons workers Libby Bloom(left) and Marlene Spence.

FURTHER to the article about Ewart Parsons (Mail, May 18), I worked there in the 1960s for a time with Marlene Spence.

She is no longer with us but will always be remembered as a good friend.

In those days we would work from 8am until 10pm.

It was a long day but it was a good paying job.

The winter was so cold.

We had to do the oil, water and tyres in those days.

When the dog racing was on in town we would get men coming for petrol and they would give us a £1 tip. That’s if their dog had won.

One New Year’s Day Dr Simpson came in. Marlene and I were working.

He gave us £5, and that was a lot of money in the 1960s.

There was one man who came in every night for petrol.

It was four shillings 11-and-a-half pence in old money and I put in five shillings-worth.

He would not give me the half-penny.

After a time went by we left the garage Marlene and me, and we went to Jersey to work. But that’s another story.

Marlene is the one with the white overalls, and myself.

Happy days.

Libby Bloom (nee Macklam),

Queensland Road,