Memory Lane - Johnson’s garage

IN reply to Kevin Marwood (Memory Lane, May 21), the garage they recalled was Johnson’s in Victoria Road.

When I attended the TDS, the garage franchise was Humber, Sunbeam Talbot 80 then 90, and Commer Cob vans.

Later it was Rootes Group trading in Humber Super Snipes, Humber Hawks, Humber Sceptre, Sunbeam Rapiers, Sunbeam Alpines, Hillman Minx, Hillman Imps, and Commer Cob vans.

On the corner of Avenue Road was the Gas Showrooms, then Johnson’s garage.

Next I believe was Bell’s, the solicitors, and the two houses after were converted into the Grange Hotel about 1967 - the manager was Frank Harrison who moved from the Mowbray.

At the back of Johnson’s was Lucan Street and they had a workshop there I think. Also a workshop in the now nightclub on the corner of Middleton Grange Lane and Avenue Road.

The car showroom and spares department was the Victoria Road part.

John Robson,

Hartfield Manor,