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1949: Class 6 Lynnfield primary school. Where are they now!
1949: Class 6 Lynnfield primary school. Where are they now!

AN old school friend has forwarded a cutting from the Mail, showing a photograph of class six, Lynnfield Primary School, 1949.

What memories that photograph has stirred.

I am the little girl with the dark hair and plait, third in on the left on the second row, one Vivienne Hanson.

Many of the faces are still familiar and names come swirling back.

However, the only ones I am reasonably sure of are as follows:

Carol Crane, directly behind the girl holding the class name board.

I remember Carol because she was always taller than me and I was quite tall for my age.

I think the girl sixth in from the right on the same row was called Purvis and she lived down the road from me.

Many of the teachers’ names have surfaced – Miss Fletcher, Miss Taylor, Miss Milner and the head mistress was Miss Shields.

There was also another teacher called Miss Appleton. We were all frightened of her. In fact some of our mothers were as well as she had taught them!

I know that the whole of that area has gone – all the streets, corner shops and the school as well – but it all still lives with me.

I can still see the sunlight streaming in through the high wooden windows, the cast iron pipes running around the classrooms, great for warming feet on cold days, the wooden desks, the smell of ink and chalk and the crates of milk standing outside in the yard.

My family have lived in Hartlepool for generations, the first ancestor, Peter Hanson, coming from Denmark in the early 1800s.

The saying is true. You can take the girl out of Hartlepool but not Hartlepool out of the girl.

I have lived in Darlington, Durham, Stockton on Tees, Northern Ireland, West Yorkshire and now in Chester but the first football result I ever look for is Hartlepool United (I was at the Manchester United cup tie) and the first weather forecast I check is for the North-East.

My two children and three beautiful grandchildren live in Cheshire, which is why my husband and I are living in Chester.

It is good, but I still miss the sea and the North-East coast.

I would love to hear the outcome of your search.

I had never seen that photograph before and it was lovely to see all those little faces again.

Vivienne Stephenson (nee Hanson),

Bartholomew Way,

Westminster Park,