Memory Lane - Sign of the times on the Headland

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I GUESS even the early 1980s could be considered history now!

I got my Olympus SLR for my 18th birthday and went snap happy on a trip to Hartlepool soon after.

So I’m guessing this was taken on the Headland around 1982-83.

My family were from Hartlepool but moved to Bedford when I was a baby. But we often visited.

I was studying politics at university. Anti-Thatcherism was very much the theme and black and white ‘realistic’ photography the in thing.

I remember being well chuffed with this photo, the Levis ad and young lads catching the general mood of things.

I’ve often wondered who the lads were.

I walked past the same spot on a recent trip to Hartlepool, from Sydney where I now live, during the wonderful Tall Ships Races.

It was great to see Hartlepool looking much sunnier and enjoying, it seemed, much more positive times.

I love the Memory Lane pages on the Mail web site.

Christa McDermott,

Burne Avenue,

Dee Why,


New South Wales.