Memory Lane - Working on the drays

Can any Memory Lane readers name any of  people pictured?
Can any Memory Lane readers name any of people pictured?

REGARDING the above photograph (Memory Lane, August 13), I believe the gentleman on the left sitting on the wall is John Robinson, a well known entertainer around the clubs in Hartlepool.

In the 1950s I worked as a driver on the drays and John was also working there on the dray wagons.

Around about that time there was a young lad called Frankie Storrie who was a very good darts player.

There was a lot of talk about this lad being in the finals of a big darts match, but whether the trophy had anything to do with that match I don’t know.

The other people in the photo I recognise but can’t put a name to them.

In the Pools fans photo (above right), Bereford Brown and I worked in the railway wagon repair shop in Mainsforth Terrace at the same time, between 1949 and 1953.

The other football player, Leo Harden, used to play with my older brother, Billy Ludgate.

Leo lived in Hope Street and we lived above Stewards Taylor’s shop in Lynn Street.

His mother was a good friend of my grandmother’s, Mary Mead, who lived in Adelaide Street.

J Ludgate,

Catcote Road,