Mini get-together to preview main event

Former Dyke House pupils at the get-together
Former Dyke House pupils at the get-together

FORMER classmates had a mini get-together ahead of a larger repeat school reunion that is taking place at the end of the year.

Graham Button is organising a gathering for pupils of Hartlepool’s Dyke House School.

The reunion is open to all former pupils and will take place on December 13, at a venue to soon be confirmed.

But before the larger gathering, Graham – who helped organise a reunion last year for the school’s Class of 1983 to mark the group’s 30th anniversary of leaving school – rallied ex-classmates together for a mini get-together at Lloyd’s Bar, in Church Square.

It was a chance for the old pals to meet up and reminisce, as well as discuss plans for December’s reunion, which is also open to past and present teachers from the school.

Graham, a 46-year-old Stagecoach bus driver, said: “The night went really well, with a few different year leavers turning up.

“Once again, a big thank you to “Sir” Bob McLeod for turning up to meet his ex-school pupils.

“He was pleasantly surprised to see more different classmates from his last outing with our reunion.

“Everyone is looking forward to a mass reunion in December.

“This is a one-off all-classmates reunion that won’t be repeated for a few years to come, so we urge as many people as possible to attend.

“Be glad you made it rather than thinking ‘I wish I went’.”

Grahame added that a Facebook page set up to promote the reunion, called All Dyke House Ex-Classmates now has more than 600 members and is “really building a great group”.