Mystery over photograph found in furniture

The mystery photo
The mystery photo

A MUM got more than she bargained for when a piece of antique furniture threw up a historic surprise.

Jean Thomson, 52, was moving the large sideboard when an old photograph dating back more than 80 years fell from one of the drawers.

The married mum-of-two bought the unit eight months ago at an auction house in Hartlepool but only recently discovered the photograph of a group of school boys dating back to 1929.

The piece of vintage Danish Ercol furniture was bought at Sanderson’s Auction House, in Andrew Street.

The picture shows what looks like a group of schoolboys and adults either stood next to, or on, benches in a field.

At the front of the group is a large shield but there are no other clues as to who is in it or if it was even taken in Hartlepool.

Jean has appealed for anyone with any information to get in touch.

Jean, who lives in Shelley Grove, said: “I brought the piece of furniture from Sanderson’s about eight months ago.

“When I got it home I cleaned it down, waxed it and then just left it in a corner of the room and thought nothing else of it.

“Recently we have been getting new carpets fitted and decided it would be much easier to move the unit if we took the draws out.

“I pulled one draw out and suddenly this old picture of a school group fell out from underneath.

“It must have been glued to the bottom of one of the draws and over the months the glue must have dried out.”

The housewife added: “I have no idea where the picture was taken or who is in it.

“All I know is that it was taken in 1929 because that is the date being held up by one of the boys.

“It looks to me like an all boys school but other than that I do not really know.

“I would appeal to anyone with any information to get in touch because I would love to reunite them with the picture.

“It could be part of someone’s family history and no doubt holds a lot of sentimental value.

“It must have been kept by someone for a reason.”

The mum-of-two pledged to keep hold of the photograph until she can reunite it with its rightful owner.

Anyone with information, or who believes the photo belongs to them, should call the newsdesk on (01429) 239380.