Mystery photo made a splash

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THANKS to former St Aidan’s School pupil James Hunter for getting in touch with Memory Lane to say that he recognised some of the people in last Saturday’s Memory Lane mystery picture.

Now 72 and living in the Rift House area of Hartlepool, James first attended the “little school” in Wagga and then moved to St Aidans school in Loyalty Road.

James said it was a St Aidan’s School swimming team and pictured on the back row (left to right)) was Mr Edmenson, teacher Paddy Wood and teacher Mr Phizackerley and pictured between the two un-named members of the clergy is teacher George Rouse who later became headteacher at the school.

Pictured on the front row (far left) is headteacher ‘Gaffer’ Fawcett.

Geoff Todhunter, of Aldeburgh Close, Hartlepool, also recognised the photo. He thinks it may have been taken in the garden of St Aidan’s church vicarage.

Geoff added: “I was only seven years old when I first came into contact with Mr Edmenson and Mr Wood and I remember being in awe of them both as most of the teachers were women.”

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