Name that tune and shop

1970: The Church Street Blacketts store.
1970: The Church Street Blacketts store.

I was only young in the 1950s.

I went to Blackett’s for zips, cottons, press studs, etc, for the local dressmaker.

She did work for local shops such as Books, City Stylish, Mendoza’s, and several other shops.

She made dresses any shape or size.

Christening gowns, tailored suits, for weddings, ball gowns.

Her speciality was bridal wear.

White velvet bridal wear, brocade, short net dresses, long evening wear.

You name it, she made and designed the style you required.

She made gollies for the local nursery and gingham dresses for the summer uniform of local schools.

Real fur coats altered - sleeves, lengths, etc.

Her adverts were on at the local cinema.

How many can remember the name of her shop and where it was?

I will give you a clue.

Lonnie Donegan sang a song with the name in it.

Sylvia Liddle,

Gleneagles Road,