Oh baby! Your memories of the wonderful Little Thorpe Hospital

Thorpe Hospital which closed 31 years ago.
Thorpe Hospital which closed 31 years ago.

Such happy memories came flooding back for thousands of Hartlepool Mail followers - and all because of one little but much-loved hospital.

For decades, staff at Thorpe Hospital helped to bring new arrivals into the world. And all it took to bring all of those memories back was photographed which we posted on social media.

A look inside Thorpe Hospital.

A look inside Thorpe Hospital.

It led to more than 15,000 people showing an interest and dozens of you leaving your comments, about the time you spent there.

They were heartwarming tales, especially from Elizabeth Corrigan whose story is one of real love.

She explained: “I was born there in the bad winter, February 1963.

“My dad walked through the snow from Hartlepool, then Hutton Henry to Little Thorpe. It took him from 8am till 8pm to get there.

My dad walked through the snow from Hartlepool, then Hutton Henry to Little Thorpe. It took him from 8am till 8pm to get there

Elizabeth Corrigan

“When he arrived Matron told him visiting time had finished. A kind nurse gave him a cup of tea, a biscuit and five mins with me and a wave to my mam before his long walk back.”

Elisabeth Thompson had another great story to tell us.

“Both my kids born there,” she said.

“I was passing one day on a bus many years ago when my son was young and I showed him where he was born. (which by then was only a empty field and nothing more).

“Months later, he was late for school and ran in class, sat down quickly and left the door open. His teacher shouted at him ‘were you born in a field lad?

“He replied... well actually sir I was !! He got detention for it.... my son was heartbroken as he told the truth and got punished for it.. and yes this is a true story..... he never forgot it and he is 31 now.”

But these posts were typical of the hundreds we received. ❤️

Linda Allison worked there in the special care baby unit and said she has many good memories. “My son was born there,” said Linda who added: “A very sad day when we closed the doors in 1986.”

Kathleen Foster went to the anti natal clinic there in 1961 and Elaine Anne Watson recalled: “My daughter Donna Mills was one of the last babies born there. Dob 8.06.86.”

All three of Judith Ann Mace’s children were born at Thorpe and Lynn Humphreys said: “Both of my sons were born there in the 80s. I remember a nurse called Millie.”

Elizabeth Glaister also remembered Millie and Lynne Pennington said: “Loved it. Best nurses ever worked there.”

And Maureen Richardson said: “All my children were born there. Lovely place lovely nurses x.”

Our thanks go to everyone who responded to the social media post and we would love more of your memories.

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