Recalling Derek’s 1950s schooldays

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DEREK Livingston has lots of fond memories of his time at Elwick Road school in Hartlepool. His reminiscences include his time in the woodwork class “above the cycle shed”. But there are one or two blanks you may be able to help with, such as the first names of some former classmates. Chris Cordner reports.

DEREK Livingston has plenty of reason to remember the day he left school.

It was 60 years ago this year and he would love help in recording the names of people on these photographs from his time at Elwick Road.

Derek, from the Stockton Road area of Hartlepool, said it was back in 1953 that he called time on his education as a 15 year old.

That same year, he began employment as an apprentice at the Central Marine Engine Works in Hartlepool.

He told us that he had recently returned to Elwick Road “to see if anything remained of the old school.

“I knew that the school had been replaced by a home for the elderly. Part of the school is still there, I remember going upstairs to the woodwork class above the cycle shed.”

He has enclosed two photopgraphs from his time at school. One shows his classroom line-up, the other a shot of the football team.

Derek said: “Sorry to say the only names I can remember in the class picture are: Derek Coulson, Suggitt, Scott, Fields, Chatterson, Sawden, Farman, Sheppard, Peter Buckle, Smith, Hurrell, Dickinson, Keith Lancaster, Bentham, Ron Hill, Frank Muir, Rob Greenhaulgh, Hendrey, Brian Wright, John Bloomfield, Mick Morrow and Alan Mason.

“There were 42 lads in the class. I am in the back row six from the right.”

The second photo was taken in the 1952/52 period with Mr Bacon as the teacher.

Derek recalled that, from left to right in the back row, there was Brian Wright, Peter Buckle, and Les Eyre, then a Thompson whose first name he cannot remember, Ray Noddings, a boy called Donnelly whose first name he can not recall, and Derek Livingston himself.

Left to right in the front row are Mick Morrow, John Bloomfield, Ron Hill, someone called Bralisford whose first name he can not recall and Ivor Thomas.

Can anyone help with information?

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