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A FORMER Hartlepool man has had great results in his search for more information about his ancestors.

Last week Andrew Rimmer appealed for help to find out more about the Amerigo family in Hartlepool.

Thanks to Family Roots, the response has been fantastic with six people getting in touch - each keen to share their ancestry.

A Mrs Ann Marley, nee Amerigo, told us: “There is only four of us left, which means we are the only Amerigos living from the original Amerigo family. “There are other Amerigos but they are down the line, so to speak.”

Andrew’s great grandfather was Guisseppe Amerigo who had many children including Andrew’s grandfather Ernesto Amerigo.

Andrew’s earliest memories are of working on the family business.

Mrs Marley said: “My father was the brother of Andrew’s great grandfather Guiseppe who was my uncle.

“Uncle Guiseppe came over to England first and then my father and another brother came over to England to be with him.”

The Amerigos were known for running an ice cream van and Andrew helped out on hot summer days on the Hartlepool coast.

Later, as the business developed, the family set up The Piccadilly Bar in Musgrave Street which was both an ice cream parlour and coffee shop.

Andrew, a former air force policeman and who now works as a podiatrist, said: “I’ve been talking to a lot of people while I’ve been in Hartlepool. Everyone remembers the Piccadilly Bar Ice Cream Parlour and Coffee Shop. I was hoping for a photo of the shop.”

He also now knows that Guiseppe Amerigo was originally from Picinisco in Italy.

Can anyone help with photographs of the Piccadilly Bar? We would love to help Andrew in his research.

Contact the Hartlepool Mail head of features Chris Cordner on (01429) 239377 or email

And watch out next week for even more information on the family which created an ice cream empire in Hartlepool.