Scrumptious fish and chips from Queenies in Wynyard Road

Wynyard Road shops in 1983.
Wynyard Road shops in 1983.

From Queenies the fish shop to Stalleys the sweet shop - what a fantastic set of reminders we had of Wynyard Road shops more than 30 years ago.

Around 16,000 of you spotted our post on social media which showed the shops in 1983. And when we asked what you remembered of them, you came up with a string of names.

More of the Wynyard Road shops including the Axe store.

More of the Wynyard Road shops including the Axe store.

The one most of you recalled was Queenies fish shop. Carol Carney said it “always had massive queues” while Lynda Griffiths described it as the “best chippy in town xx.”

Dianne Llewellyn said: “Yea spent most nights with mates. Our hangout many years ago x.”

Steve Rose said: “I was going to that fish shop every week for 30 years” while Pat Hudson described it as “gorgeous fish and chips from Queenie’s.”

But other names also came to mind such as Dick Redhead’s the butchers.

Remember getting sherbert and a lolly in sweet shop out of my pocket money (and rockets and caps)

Lisa Spalding

Debbie Stones said: “My mother worked in Dick Redheads the butchers for many years. She loved it there,” and Kenneth Mckinley was another former employee.

Terry Stead remebered Stalleys while Gordon Ray came up with a string of great names and memories.

He said: “Gordon Ray Quennies chippy was spot on, Stalleys for 5 loosies for me mam lol.”

Lisa Spalding commented: “Remember getting sherbert and a lolly in sweet shop out of my pocket money (and rockets and caps haha).”

Craig Bratt said: “Stalleys best sweet shop in Hartlepool!!!!”

And others came up with more names.

Martin John and Linda Wilford remembered the Axe shop as did Sheila Benton who said: “Yeah remember going in Axe for my shopping when i lived in Dalkeith Road and I used to work in Lipton when it was open.”

Marilyn Scott told us: “I remember going to the Fina garage at the top of these shops and the little old man used to fill your car up with petrol for you.

Janet Ainsley said: “I used to work in Temples chemist from 1971-1979 x.”

Margaret Elizabeth added: “I can go back earlier, remember Duncan’s and Hinton’s and Maynard’s bakery where the fruit shop is now.”

And Jan Winspear Proctor I remember when Duncans used to sell broken biscuits.

Judith Thompson said: “I used to work in the library across the road.”

Linda Bush worked in Joe Doughterys shop 1966 and my friend in the fruit market.”

And thanks to Patricia Shore who was a great source of help. She remembered Warringtons hairdressers and Steels clothes shop. She also chipped in with Gloria’s hairdressers, Bianco’s, Gillens, Joes, Merrediths, the Co-op, dry cleaners, launderette, Broughs butchers, fruit and veg, and the chemists.”

Linda Waller said there was a wallpaper shop called Lecks and added: “I was born 1957 over the road from these shops and still use them.”

Thanks to everyone who contributed.