Sky-high hopes for RAF vets’ reunion

John Salmon with his wife Christine
John Salmon with his wife Christine

AN RAF veteran is hoping Mail readers can help reunite him with a former comrade.

John Salmon, who lives in Braintree, in Essex, is trying to regain contact with Robert “Bob” Ridley, who served in the Royal Air Force with John in the 1970s.

John, 64, is taking a stab in the dark at aiming his search in East Durham, as John had been told by an RAF widow that Bob and his wife Sandra had returned to their native North-East after returning from Bob’s tour in Malta in 1977.

But this information, says Bob, returned to Petersfield and as the only Petersfield Bob knows is in Hampshire, he thought Bob’s actual hometown could be Peterlee.

John, who went on to work for Braintree Council after his service, said: “We were both armourers in the RAF and served together at RAF Catterick – Bob in station armoury and myself on 16 Squadron.

“Bob was posted to RAF Luqa in Malta first, onto 203 Squadron and then a few months later my wife and I went out as I was posted onto 13PR Squadron also at Luqa but on the other side of the airfield.

“We stayed with Bob and Sandra for several weeks but Bob and Sandra moved flats while on Malta and we lost touch.

“I would dearly love to make contact with them again.

“I am slightly older than Bob but I retire in a few weeks time and it would be lovely to make contact again catch up on old times and see how the world treated them.”

If Bob recognises himself, or if anyone else can help reunite Bob and John, they can get in touch with John by emailing