Super stock car memories from Hartlepool Mail readers

They're battling for position at the start of another race.
They're battling for position at the start of another race.

Love it or hate it, you all had evocative memories of the old stock car racing stadium in Hartlepool.

And while some loved the competitive edge to the races, others hated the roar which spread across town when the events were under way.

High-speed action at the Hartlepool Stadium.

High-speed action at the Hartlepool Stadium.

We asked readers for their memories and 22,000 of you took an interest.

And for one reader, Margaret Keir, there was special reason to remember it.

She said: “Went day after my wedding with me husband and best man.”

And when we asked if anyone remembered the stadium, which also hosted greyhound racing, your replies included the following;

My mam and Dad started taking me stock car racing when i was approx 2 weeks old and i have went ever since, i am now 34. Hartlepool and Aycliffe were rarely missed by my parents and i. My uncle Gordon also raced there

Graham Carr

Tracy Collin said: “Sure did pity they didnt still have one in hpool x.”

Martin Bigtoe Picton wrote: “Went every Sunday lived opposite Mill House Baths it was amazing the last car standing haha honestly should bring it back but I doubt health and safety would allow it haha.”

Andrew Cowan commented: “I remember watching John Lund win the Final at Hartlepool, I went round with him on his parade lap then he gave me his trophy. Still got it and he’s still my hero!

Mick Hirst wrote: “Saturdays watching Bob Newton and Keith Houchen, Sundays watching Frankie Wainman, Close and Smith!!”

Amanda Jayne White said: “Yes fab x”

Pat Young commented: “Took my son most Sundays, he loved it and the lovely beef burgers”

Keith Butler said: “Brilliant Sunday’s watching Stu Smith, Frankie Wainman, Willie Harrison and co. Also went to Aycliffe, Bradford and Coventry tracks”.

Mike Wilson stated: “Went to every meeting. Used to go to Hartlepool one weekend, followed by Newton Aycliffe the next. I also used to go to Bradford on a Friday night. I think the nearest track now is at Manchester. Happy memories.”

Shaun C Rogan stated: “I have a Willie Harrison badge somewhere. Happy days!”

Lee Bailey wrote: The dogs was miles better than the stock car racing.”

Michael Coverdale said: “Used to love it, Hartlepool one week, Ayclife the next, franky snr and Len wolfinden had some right old ding dongs!! Funnily enough both tracks are now occupied by super markets!!!”

Steve Lodge commented: “My old dad won the destruction derby one night in 78. Loved it.”

Sheila Skirving said: “Unfortunately i lived very near and hated the racket it made not everyone liked it.”

Peter Richardson stated: “Used to love it. My dad took me when I was little. Such a shame it didn’t find a new location in the region.”

Alan Jones wrote: “As kids we used to climb up onto the museum wall and watch the action for nowt.”

David Wheelhouse said: “Something else this town lost in the name of progress.”

Thanks to everyone who responded to our story.