Take a look at the plans for your housing estate .... how Owton Manor was formed

The Owton Manor plans
The Owton Manor plans

It could make a fantastic gift or a great reference point for your family tree research.

As we revealed in last week’s Memory Lane, the Central Library in Hartlepool has acquired the original plans for more than 100 of the town’s best known buildings.

A close-up on the Owton Manor plans.

A close-up on the Owton Manor plans.

Today, we focus on another of them which is the plan for the Owton Manor estate.

We are all familiar with street names such as Macrae, Mullroy, Motherwell and Munro but how many people know the background to the formation of the estate.

In the mid 20th century, West Hartlepool’s population was growing rapidly and the need for post-war development was urgent.

Eminent consultant Max Lock was taken on to carry out a detailed survery of the town and a draft plan was based on the survey’s results.

The Owton Manor Estate was developed as part of this plan, to rehouse people from the Central area of Hartlepool.

In 1947, the estate layout was approved by the local authority and work began in 1950.

The site was 460 acres, and had 2,655 houses for 9,680 people.

It also included schools, community centres and health centres as well as land for churches, cinemas and public houses.

Shops were placed in relation to the communities they represented.

The maps can be used in many ways, said Sandra McKay, the Library Officer in the Reference Services section of the York Road-based library.

They can be used by people wanting to research their own ancestry by going into more detail rather than just getting a list of names.

Copies of the plans are also available to buy and to find out more, contact Sandra on (01429) 242909.