Talk will recall Hartlepool cinema The Palladium

The old Palladium picture hall.
The old Palladium picture hall.

People still have time to sign up for a talk all about a former Hartlepool picture hall.

The Palladium was around at the time the town was undergoing significant expansion and people can find out more at a talk to be given this Thursday.

It will be held from 2pm at the Central Library in York Road, and is being organised by the library’s CHAT group.

The presentation will explain more about the picture hall, which was in Northgate.

John Oxley will talk about the history of the building and its predecessor, which was a temporary wooden theatre that operated under various names.

Both were found at the corner of Brig Open and Northgate on the Headland.

The talk will cover the period from the 1830s onwards with the expansion of the port of Hartlepool, responsible for the export of Durham coal to London and the near continent.

Jacky Johnson, library officer for Hartlepool Borough Council, said it also looks at the entertainment needs of Hartlepool and its expanding population, with some surprising revelations along the way, concluding with the demolition of the building in the 1960s.

She added: “The library is very fortunate that John and a number of local people are willing to support these events by sharing their knowledge of the local history of Hartlepool.

“With the help of the library photograph collection and the website we can also bring back memories of yesteryear.”

Booking is preferred. Contact (01429) 272905 or email