The 80s Hartlepool venue you all adored

Asters in Seaton Carew.
Asters in Seaton Carew.

You danced to Wham, had a go on Herby the bull and got in for £1.

And when we asked you to remember Asters nightclub at Seaton Carew, 50,000 people took a look at our photograph from the Hartlepool Mail archives.

Inside Asters.

Inside Asters.

You shared wonderful memories of the seafront nightspot which still retains a fond place in people’s hearts.

Here’s some of the very best of your reminiscences starting with Anne Watson who used to work there and said: “We used to do scampi in a basket.”

It was a “Great place,” said Ann who remembered slow dancing to Careless Whisper.

Ros Spencer told us: “Great nights, starting with the theme tune to Thunderbirds....”

Omg!this is a blast from the past!!

Diane Day

But many of you remembered one very special part of the Asters set-up including Shirley Waterman, Glenn Smith, Paul Stoddart and Ian Spears.

They all had recollections of Herby The Bull.

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Cath Kennedy said Asters was the “Best ever!! Miss those days” while Debbie Knights said: “Happy days!”

Gillian Burdis told us: “Loved the place. Seen a few groups there and always got a pass to go upstairs when celebs visited.”

Lynda Voisey went every week and saw Roy Chubby Brown there while Kevin Harrington said: “Loved the cool room upstairs in the summer months.”

But there was a particular time in the calendar when Asters came into its own as Kevin Peart explained.

He said: “Bank holiday Monday’s and Asters were made for each other.”

Others agreed such as Christopher Joyson who said: “Bank holiday Monday’s were the best.” and Angie Muers who said: “Loved it. Especially bank holiday Mondays .”

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Barry Tait commented: “thats a while back!!” while Jamie Allen remembered: “Had some laffs in there.”

Paul Stoddart loved Asters, including the “kebab van outside lol.”

He was another one to say: “remember the bull.”

Diane Day commented: “Omg!this is a blast from the past!!” and said Asters was “Definitely the place to be in the early 80’s.x.”

Annette Lamb Graves called it her second home while Joanne Ryan was another one to remember the wonderful bank holiday Mondays.

Jane Kitchen said: “Our favourite nightclub back in the day. xx”

Victoria Athey commented: “Loved it. Free bus home too.”

Thanks to everyone of you who looked back on a Hartlepool venue which you all clearly loved.