The best shop

I WRITE regarding the shop on the corner of Shrewsbury Street and Gloucester Street.

It was named Parsons’s.

Our family had moved from Belle Vue and went to live in Gloucester Street.

This was just before the war started, 1939.

I was eight years of age, and the first time I saw Parsons’s the right-hand window was full of toys.

Clockwork models of cars, lead soldiers, forts, boats -- it had everything a boy of eight wanted.

Every day I went to St Cuthbert’s School.

I looked in that window morning, noon and night. I often found money under the cigarette machine that people had dropped.

A much larger one than is in the picture.

I can’t remember seeing a scooter.

On the right of the machines was a women’s hairdressing shop named Winsom’s.

On the corner was another shop named Pop Walley’s, a very nice man and a good shopkeeper.

Over the road from Walley’s was an alleyway that took you to Shakespeare Avenue.

In Shrewsbury Street almost next to Parsons’s was The Hygenic fish shop.

During the war we had to take our own paper. If you had no paper you got no chips.

Still, it was a nice area to live in with nice people.

But for me I still think Parsons’s was the best shop to go to.

Ted Bage,

Owton Manor Lane,


l WAS the Hartlepool player (Memory Lane, December 1) Anthony Canham?

My second guess would be Ian “Buster” Gallagher.

Brian Jefferson,

Whin Meadows,