The line that leads to Albert the Great

Paul Garside with some of his research literature
Paul Garside with some of his research literature

THIRTY years of research has certainly paid dividends for Paul Garside.

And through it all, the Peterlee man has found strong links to Royalty.

Paul, a former Horden Colliery pitman, first featured in Family Roots last week when we told of Paul’s grandfather Joseph whose Second World War heroics was the stuff of legend.

Joseph was badly burned and injured when an enemy dive bomber attacked his vehicle.

But Paul’s research goes back even further.

The 55-year-old from Essex Place said: “The history I have found is fantastic but most people would never believe it.

“I have many fascinating ancestors including direct descent from King Edward III, and therefore through Alfred The Great to Ecbehrt, the earliest proven Saxon line”.

Paul’s lineage research shows that he is the 23rd generation of a family going back to the Plantagenets, particularly Edward Plantagenet who was born at Windsor Castle in 1312 and married Phillippa of Hainault.

“I was lucky in that my ancestors came from a landed family and the later members entered the church, and were therefore well documented”.

His line also shows ancestors such as Sir John Goodricke, of Ribston Hall near Wetherby who was knighted by King Charles I and was involved in the English Civil Wars.

He was wounded in the siege of Bradford in 1643 and captured soon afterwards, before being taken to the Tower along with other Royalist prisoners.

Paul added: “There are also some interesting changes such as our surname being changed from Garthsides to Garside. It first happened from the time of William Garthsides who married at Ravensfield in Yorkshire. His name was changed by the line of his John, now known as Garside”.

Our thanks go to Paul for sharing his studies and we would love other people to do the same.

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