The match factory blaze

The match factory ablaze
The match factory ablaze
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MAIL reader Tom Bage sent us in a poem about the match factory fire.

Some people stood and watched it burn,

With little they could do.

The year 1954,

Tough job for the Fire Brigade crew.

Thousands watched that landmark,

That fateful August day.

Hundreds of jobs being lost,

It turned many black hairs to grey.

It doesn’t feel 50 years ago,

It seems like yesterday,

That we watched it fade away.

Years after that fire,

Quiz questions by the score.

Where was the fire station in West Hartlepool?

Somewhere near the abattoir.

Or what year did Hartlepool United

Lose every match they had?

I got the answer, and didn’t ask my dad.

Lots of places have disappeared,

The Northern, the Gaiety and the Lex.

All the kids seem to have today

Are computers and ruddy text.

They don’t know many games at all,

Some using a cigarette patch.

They wouldn’t have needed them in ‘54,

Because you couldn’t get a match.

Ted Bage,

Owton Manor Lane,


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