The smell of the Lynn Street market - you loved it!

Lynn Street market.
Lynn Street market.

It’s years since the Lynn Street market was closed in Hartlepool.

But that didn’t stop more than 22,000 of you from joining us on a trip down Memory Lane.

An old view of Lynn Street.

An old view of Lynn Street.

We posted a photograph of the place on social media and it got a huge response. One common theme was that you all loved the food.

And most agreed with Sandra Winspear who suggested: “Cornbeef slice, chips, gravy every Saturday. Loved the placex.”

Jackie Filby was another regular Saturday visitor while Therese Shelton loved the “smell of the toffee apples x.”

Carole Leonard Mckenna remembered the cornbeef slice and red lemonade. In fact, most of you agreed the market’s corned beef slices were the tops. But which trader was it who served this delicious treat?

Remember going there as a child with grandma. Fish and chips and a quarter of fishes from sweet stall. Happy days xx

Eileen Purvis

Dorothy Saunders even filled us in with her complete menu during a trip to Lynn Street.

“Cornbeef slice and gravy, sponge pudding & custard every week. Good old days x.”

Anne Tyson, Angela Wilson, Margie Storey, Terry Muers ... they all agreed you couldn’t beat that corned beef slice.

Margaret Deer said: “There was a little pie n peas cafe in the market” while Gary Carter added: “What I would give for cornbeef slice chips and gravy now. Used to go there in 1967 from college. Happy days.”

Sheila Hammond suggested: “Should have left Lynn Street, Musgrave Street, Church Street and Stockton Street alone.”

Millicent Harrower recalled: “I used to go with my sister. Cornbeef slice, cup of tea in thick cups. Never forget those happy tmes

Lynne Smithson remembered “watching the guy in Brett’s dunking his toffee apples in coconut and rolling his rock and using a hammer to break up the toffee. We used to have pie and peas from the little cafe, oh the memories.”

Robert Chick Thompson added: “For us poor people, a tuppeny dip (bun dipped in mushy peas) went down well.”

Thanks also to everyone who remembered the distinctive smell of the market includin Kath Kelsey, Margo Fairless, Susan Lees, and Ang Howlett who said: “I loved the smell when you walked in mam used to take me on a saturday for dinner and a toffee apple ...they were gorgeous.”

George Kelly told us: “I so remember going there as a child and smelling the sweets being made. I think it might have been BRETTS that made them ?”

Eileen Purvis chipped in with: “Remember going there as a child with grandma. Fish and chips and a quarter of fishes from sweet stall. Happy days xx.”

Lynn Street was Hartlepool’s main shopping area until the Middleton Grange Shopping Centre was built in 1969 and opened the next year by Princess Anne.

We got so many replies that we will publish more of them next week.

In the meantime, if you want to share your own memories of Hartlepool’s past, email