Together Again - 50th birthdays a great chance for Brierton School reunion

TWO former classmates have joined together in an effort to reunite pupils from their school days.

Lesley Evans, 49, and Angela Harper, nee Holroyd, 48, have organised a reunion of the 1973-78 class from Hartlepool’s former Brierton Comprehensive School.

The women, who both have twin sisters, said they have not had a reunion since they left school and thought it was the perfect time for a catch up on what, for most, will be their 50th year.

The reunion is set to take place at the West Hartlepool Rovers Amateur Quoit Club, in Grainger Street, on Saturday, February 19, from 7.30pm.

The women said they are using the event as a reunion taster and if it is successful will organise more get-togethers in the future.

Angela, who lives in the Rift House area of Hartlepool and works as a shop assistant, said: “No-one has really kept in touch since school.

“Me and Lesley had bumped into each other a few times in Hartlepool and stopped for a chat so we decided to give a reunion a try.”

Angela, who has a twin sister called Gillian, added: “We thought it would be nice to have a catch up with everyone and see what they are doing now.”

Lesley, who lives on the Headland and owns her own beauty business, said: “When we first started planning a reunion we didn’t know how popular it would be.

“But we have advertised it on Facebook and Friends Reunited and tried to get in touch with some people and so far we have had a very good response.

“It would be excellent if it was successful, I’m looking forward to having a chat with my fellow former pupils.”

Lesley, whose twin sister is called Hilary, added: “If people enjoy the reunion, it would be nice to organise more events in the future.

“We never had a prom when we were at school so we could organise something like that.”

Anyone interested in attending the reunion, or wanting more information, should call Lesley on (01429) 838455.