Together Again - Did you know Rose?

Rose Laing (nee McKenna).
Rose Laing (nee McKenna).

A FAMILY history fan is hoping Hartlepool Mail readers can help her find out more about her roots.

Anne Bademosi is trying to find out about her ancestors from the Hartlepool and Teesside area.

Anne Bademosi with children Adam and Mathew.

Anne Bademosi with children Adam and Mathew.

Her grandmother, Rose Laing (nee McKenna), was born on November 14, 1901, at 16 Darlington Terrace, in West Hartlepool.

Rose’s parents were Mary (nee Gleeson) and Michael McKenna, who was a dock labourer.

Rose married David Burnett Laing, a doctor from Lawrencekirk, in Scotland, on July 29, 1927, and the witnesses at the wedding were William Haden and Fanny Smith.

They had a son, Ian Burnett Laing, who is Anne’s late father.

Pictured left, Anne Bademosi with Adam and Mathew

He was born in Glossop, in Derbyshire, in 1935.

The family then moved to Sheffield and, during the Second World War, Rose and her son were sent to live with David’s mother in Scotland.

It is thought Rose and David split up around this time and Rose and Ian moved to Stockton, possibly around 1947.

Ian later joined the RAF, before moving to Sheffield and becoming estranged from Rose.

Anne, who lives in Loughborough, said: “Rose died in September 1972 at St Cuthbert’s Road, in Stockton, and an advertisement was placed in a Sheffield newspaper asking for details of Ian’s whereabouts.”

Rose’s death was registered by her brother, William McKenna, who was living in Margate, Kent, where he later died in 1972, aged 68.

Anne, who works part-time in a school, believes Rose had other siblings as the 1901 Census shows Rose’s parents had other children -– Mary, born around 1894, James, born about 1898, and Thomas, born about 1900.

She said: “In the 1911 Census, Rose, James, Thomas and William seem to be boarding with other families.

“Records suggest that their mother may have died in 1906 and their father was possibly in the Hartlepool Union Workhouse.

“The family may have been living at 99 Cumberland Street, West Hartlepool, in the 1920s.

“The absent voters’ book lists James and Thomas being away at war in 1918 and in 1922 the electoral roll shows James and Michael McKenna at this address. There is also a death notice from the Northern Daily Mail on April 13, 1923, for Michael McKenna at this address.”

She said her father had a cousin called Vera, who she remembers going to visit in Hartlepool or Stockton in the 1970s, though she forgets her surname.

Anne also thinks Vera had a son called David. The 45-year-old, who is married to systems analyst Kaiye and mum to Adam, 10, and seven-year-old Mathew, added: “I’ve got nothing to go on.

“My plan eventually is to come up to Hartlepool Register Office and dig around a bit more.

“There might well be somebody that remembers my grandmother.

“I’m sure there are living relatives but I just don’t know.”

Anyone who can help Anne can email