Together Again - Former cricketers are bowled over by reunion success

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FORMER cricketers were bowled over by the response to an appeal to attend a reunion.

Ex-members of the former Hartlepool Workingmen’s Cricket Club turned up for a get-together last month.

Ex-committee members of the club had feared they may not get many people to attend as they had been stumped in their search for their former pals, with some moving away.

But the night had a good innings, with about 30 former players and other people who had been associated with the top club turning up.

Stan Robinson, 61, who was club secretary from 1986 to 1994, helped to organise the event alongside Jim Murray and John Hart.

He said: “We had a good turn-out. All the hard work was worthwhile, we had a great time.

“The only thing wrong was that it went a bit too fast.”

Stan, who lives in the Naisberry Park area of Hartlepool, said it was nice to see some of the lads, including Gary Burnett, Des Playfor, Glen Tebbett and Andy McLuskey.

He said it had been the first reunion the cricket club had had in 25 years and another is planned for the near future.

Stan said a lot of memorabilia, including old pictures and scrapbooks, had been on display for the former players to browse.

The 1974 season saw the touring South African cricket team The Moths visit Hartlepool.

When their fixture with Hartlepool Cricket Club at Park Drive was cancelled, the club took on the game despite it raining all day.

Derek Hall scored 53 runs not out, but this did not save the team from defeat.

One surprise guest at the reunion was The Moths’ pink elephant mascot, which Jimmy Murray had kept in his loft after the team left it as a parting gift.

“I nearly collapsed when I saw that,” joked Stan.

The club was set up by patrons of Hartlepool Workingmen’s Club, in King Oswy Drive, where the reunion was held, in 1966.

The team joined Division 3 of Hartlepool Church League in 1967 and had outstanding success, winning a number of titles including 1969, Division 3 league and cup winners and 1972-1978 Division 1 champions.

After joining the Cleveland and Teesside League in 1979, their accolades included Divisions 3 champions in 1981 and promotion to Division 1 in 1986.