Very proud of medals

WITH reference to such a heart-warming story, Award marks 50 years in game (Mail, May 26), may I offer my congratulations – just champion – to Eric Powell and Paul Arnison on receipt of the FA medal and trophy.

May I now revert to my sport of amateur boxing, in which I won my championship medals in the year 1947, as a young Sea Cadet weighing in at 9st 7lb (lightweight).

This was 64 years ago. I was 15 years old. I am now 79 years old.

Within weeks of winning my area championship at Newcastle-upon-Tyne I qualified to compete in the national finals at Cardiff City, on May 10, 1947.

I won the quarter final, semi final and final all within 24 hours and received my national medal from former heavyweight champion Jack Peterson.

The final was a tough fight.

In the final round I discovered I had sustained a scaphoid fracture (shoulder).

It seemed a long journey from Cardiff City to West Hartlepool.

As I clutched my national medal I felt a degree of comfort.

As I close my letter I have before me the two medals, of which I am very proud, in a suitable case.

Les Rose,

Meadowfield Court,