Voyagers from down under drop anchor

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BACK in August 1977 an intrepid couple dropped anchor in Hartlepool after an epic sea journey, taking 13 months, from Australia. ANDREW LEVETT looks back at the incident-packed voyage of Mike and Pam Fowler

IT was an “uneventful” 22,000 miles from Darwin, Australia, to Hartlepool, Mike Fowler told the Mail.

But when pressed the 37-year-old did admit to rescuing a shipwrecked mariner, nudging a reef, sailing uncharted seas and encountering islands and cultures unknown to the outside world.

“To many the thought of leaving behind kith and kin even for a short motoring holiday is enough to cause considerable worry,” wrote the Mail.

“But to Mike and Pam a circumnavigation of the globe holds less dread than going to the pictures.”

Mike, originally from Middlesbrough, explained: “I can’t imagine a life with a house and car and a steady nine to five job.

“I have loved the sea and boats since I was a kid and it is the only life for me.”

Fortunately wife Pam felt the same way and in their first five years of marriage the couple never lived in a house.

Australian Pam said: “I grew up in the surf and could swim and dive before I could walk.”

It was in the Torres Straits that the couple rescued an American sailor.

“He had been single handing but had fallen asleep at the wrong time and hit a reef,” Mike told the Mail.

“He drifted for a few days in a dinghy until he came across a game reserve with a ranger who radioed for assistance.

“We picked him up and took him back home to the Virgin Islands – it wasn’t much out of our way.”

The couple were planning to spend some time with Mike’s parents in Linthorpe before setting sail for Australia in their 38ft sloop, which boat-builder Mike constructed himself.

He added: “When we get back to Australia I’ll probably start building a bigger and better boat and do the crossing again.”

Did Mike and Pam carry on cruising?

Do you remember the couple?

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