Was this Hartlepool restaurant the best ever?

Gingham's Restaurant.
Gingham's Restaurant.

A former Hartlepool restaurant brought back lots of happy memories for former staff and customers alike.

We wanted to know who remembered Gingham’s at Jackson’s Landing on Hartlepool Marina. It is 20 years since the photograph was taken and we posted it on social media to ask for your views.

The best laugh ever working there!

Suzanne Mills

Seven thousand of you took a look and Gillian Allen remembered trips there. She said: “Visited many times.”

Suzanne Mills said she had “the best laugh ever working there!”

And Danielle Green agreed saying: “We totally did, was class!”

The photograph and social media interaction even led to former workmates suggesting they should have a reunion. But it also led to one or two intriguing comments such as one from David Wheelhouse who said: “Remember a restaurant upstairs but can’t remember what it was called.”

Can anyone help?

The former Jackson’s Landing site is now being considered for new developments which could include an interactive museum, hotel, watersports centre and an area for public events.

We would love more of your memories of Jacksons Landing. Did you shop there and, if so, which was your favourite outlet.

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