Was this Hartlepool’s busiest pub on a weekend?

The Stranton pictured in 1986.
The Stranton pictured in 1986.

Was this the busiest pub in Hartlepool on a weekend?

Judging by your dozens of responses, it might well have been in the 1970s and onwards.

The Blacksmiths was another favourite.

The Blacksmiths was another favourite.

We asked for your memories of the Stranton after we posted a photograph of it, pictured here in 1986, on social media.

Many of your recollections were based on just how busy the hugely popular venue got on a weekend.

Keith Denholm said it “got that packed on a weekend people would sit on the stairs in the passage.”

Terry Muers said “was very small tripping over ppl on a friday was chocker”, and Timothy I’anson added: “Ah memories good pub just couldn’t move on a Friday night.”

Oh my goodness. It’s 46 years since I lived in England but still remember the Stranton. And the Blacksmiths Arms

Edna Kennedy

Brian Hart said it was a “great pub in the 60s”, while Linda Denton Nicholson chipped in with “Fabulous memories, Catcote then all run for the bus down to Stranton”.

She added: “Let the weekend begin. Great times.”

The memories just kept on pourng in from our readers.

Philip Maullin commented: “Good pub. Start at the Clansman, then the Stranton then on to the Blacksmiths.”

Jean Liddle remembered: “The queue outside every Friday and Saturday night and Alfie on the door.”

And Steve Gibbon recalled: “Great place, always a warm welcome from Alf and Margaret the barmaid was the best barmaid in the town.”

The Stranton public house was in Stockton Street in Hartlepool and stood next to Cameron’s Brewery.

It closed around the year 2000 and is now part of Cameron’s Brewery Visitor Centre, where it is still open as The Brewery Tap and still a popular attraction.

Many of you remembered it in its former name including Andy Wake who said: “Billy White was in charge when I first went in. Had a little 18th do in there 1988. Great place.”

Margaret Stoddart said her brother Arthur Gibbon had it for a while and added: “Lovely pub.”

Bob Bramley said he “used to go there in the mid to late 70s. Weekends were packed with a line outside the door”.

Sue Moon Waddy said she loved it as well as other popular Hartlepool venues such as the Blacksmiths, Clansman and Coble bar.

Edna Kennedy was another to comment and said: “Oh my goodness. It’s 46 years since I lived in England but still remember the Stranton. And the Blacksmiths Arms.”

Sue Hall reflected: “Spent many happy hours in the Stranton, early 70s with Alf on the door.” Gary Milburn said he played darts here, while Philly Noble said he “used to see it when I used to get taken to school”.

Janice Jackson was landlady there for a while and said: “How time flies lol.”

More than 16,000 people were reached, 240 liked or loved the post and 60 left comments when we posted the photograph on social media, and we thank everyone who took the time to respond.

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